Looking for a unique way to acknowledge and support your major clients by providing a service their management and employees will greatly appreciate?

Then Send a Celeb speaker of your choice to entertain and/or motivate the staff at your client’s work place!

You can choose an ex Australian Cricketer, AFL Legend, Rugby League great or Sporting Luminary to speak at a staff lunch for 20-30 minutes. Whether it be in the boardroom in front of 20 people or on the factory floor in front of 100+ workers, our speakers are very adaptable to ‘performing’ in front of all types of crowds ensuring your message and/or some light entertainment is delivered.

Forget about those expensive luncheons or gifts (which the ATO want you to declare), be unique and send over a celebrity speaker to cement business relationships’ with your major clients and watch these relationships and profits grow! Motivational speakers are classed as a training expense.

As we all know a happy workforce is a productive workforce, and as you are assisting your client in this regard it is highly likely that their business will grow and yours in turn by association.

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